Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar is not recognized by Overwolf

Basically, I have already enabled Third Party Integration via LAN in the Yeelight mobile app, but the plugin itself, even after reinstalling, continues not to find the device. Any thoughts?

Hi friend, what is the firmware version of your screen hanging light?

It is the latest available - 2.0.8_0038

Okay, you provide the Mi ID, this side of the whitelist to upgrade the firmware to see if it can be solved

You mean Mi ID of my account or it is some kind of ID of the device?



Well, I have just tried it again and it gets recognized. The preview of the lighting effects that are related to in-game events works as well, but, when I am playing the game - nothing happens (I have manually configured the colors to be different from initial, which is set to purple).

And now the connector does not see it turned on again…