Change language of the app

As I am from the Netherlands, my Yeelight app is in Dutch. I’ve recently started looking for getter more custimation for my two LED bulb 1SE (Color). Naturally, I ran into problems, thus I tried searching online for answers. Here I experienced difficulties as most results were not in Dutch. Not having any trouble with English, I wanted to search in English. As I was not sure how some parts/sections were named in English, I tried changing the language of the app itself. Sadly, I have searched a lot but could not find a way to change the app’s language (to English).

Is it possible to change the app’s language? If so, how do I change it?

Hello, the language of the APP is determined by the language of the mobile system

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Thank you, knowing this I was able to change the language!

Learning this I was able to change the language for other app, such as Shortcuts, aswell.
So thanks a lot!