Lightstrip PRO - addressable control?


I‘ve recently bought Yeelight Lightstrip PRO with addressable LEDs. I have problem finding solution to setup colours for individual LEDs within lightstrip. I am only able to control the colour of lightstrip as whole.

Only app I was able to find working was Xiaomi MI home, but it has very limited customizability. Is there any app that allows full addressable control over Lightstrip PRO?


You can try the third-party platform we support

Any ideas which one? Because I’m running out of options here:

I have tried:

  • Yeelight official app - no addressable control
  • Xiaomi MI app - very limited customizability
  • Razer Chroma - no addressable control
  • Alexa - no addressable control
  • Apple HomeKitt - no addressable control
  • Samsung smart things - no addressable control

There is no other way

And is Yeelight (or Xiaomi) planning for APP update? It’s sad to have such cool addressable product with so limited customize possibilities due bad APP.