Yeelight Monitor Light


I tried any way I can to add it to both Yeelight app and Xiaomi Home the monitor light bar Pro and there’s no way to add it to the app successfully.

Tried with different phones and different OS, with different routers, changing DNS, force wifi on 2.4 Ghz but nothing: the app connects to the lamp but then it always give a connection time out at the 100% mark.

How can I do it?
At home I have a lightstrap which is correctly connected to the entire ecosystem.

Thank you,

Hello, which product do you have? You can test this in two ways

  1. Try setting up a hot spot connection with your mobile phone. Make sure the lamp has been reset (it blinks after reset).

  2. You can also try connecting to the server in Mainland China

I have lightbar pro and I tried already both the solution suggested but both are not working. :frowning:

You can try to add mobile phone hot spots, no more there may be a problem with the device