Yeelight led bulb 1s not fount in google home


I bought two yeelight led bulb 1S lately but have some issues to make them work. I switched from a redmi note 8 bought in China to a pixel 6 so i wanted to use google home.

So far, I noticed 2 issues:

-When I try to connect my bulbs from my pixel 6 on Mi home I can’t find them. I must go back on my note 8 to do the sync even if the region is France on both apps. While being annoying I found a way around this issue.

-Once both bulbs are synchronised on my wifi I can see them on my pixel 6 in Mi home. However, when I connect my mi account on google home I can’t see them. This is especially weird since everything is working with my “Mi LED desk lamp 1S”.