How to save YLDP05YL

I am asking for help in starting the YLDP05YL bulb. A few years ago after a software update that did not finish properly. After completing the update and turning on the bulb, it lights up for a few seconds, then goes out and lights up again for a few seconds. It does this 3 times and then starts changing the color temperature as after a reset.
Unfortunately, in this state, I was unable to connect it to the application to try to upload the firmware again.
Maybe there is a special way to do this?

Hello, this state means that the lamp has entered the reset state. You can try to connect the lamp to the system. If the connection fails, you can turn the lamp on and off for five times and try again after the lamp flashes

Unfortunately, the application does not search for this bulb (also after switching on the bulb after 10 hours off). Trying to reset by turning the power off and on 5 times does not help either. I also checked on another efficient bulb if it could be connected after the reset and it worked. Once I found information that there is a service application that can connect to such a bulb and upload the firmware. I can’t find this topic right now.