Homekit connect

When I try to connect my bulb to homekit throught the yeelight app it just asks me to scan a homekit code instead of just adding it to my home. How can I fix this?

Hello! Yeelight offers two options for product synchronization. One is directly synchronized with the software. The other is to scan homekit into the net code, different products access is not the same

Yes the bulb i have doesn’t have the code to scan. I have 4 of these bulbs and one of them directly connected in the yeelight app when i clicked add to home, but the other 3 ask me to scan a code even though they are all the same bulb and do not have codes to scan

Have you found any additional information?

Hello, there are many kinds of bulbs in our company. Could you please check whether the models of the products are the same? Could you please provide the MI ID for us to check and confirm in the background