Yeelight Downlight M2 Pro (YLTS03YL) not react on commands

Buy Yeelight Downlight M2 Pro (YLTS03YL, initial software version - 1.4.4_0009) and yeelight mesh gateway (YLWG01YL, software version - 3.1.0_0027). After connect lamp into yeelight app on anroid, in devices list he disabled and not active. I cant monupulate with lamp. Then i install mi home app and lamp been active in device list, but not react on any command, cant on/off, change brightness, or any other command. In devise settings i try update software, and successfully update to 1.4.4_0010, but nothing change .I thought it was a problem with the gateway becose he wasn’t show in mi home app device list and i bought xiaomi gateway 3 (ZNDMWG02LM) but nothing change, however Yeelight Downlight M2 Pro exists in bluetooth child devices with this gatewey, with yeelight mesh gateway not, and i cant find Yeelight Downlight M2 Pro in mi home app only in yeelight app. I dont know what the problem, mb someone knows and resolve this problem. Thx!

Hello, I’d like to confirm a few questions. All displays in the app with a Yeelight gateway device just can’t be controlled ?With Mi gateway, the device does not display in mi Home. All displays in yeelight app?How many devices on your site have this problem?

I buy 16 devices ( Yeelight Downlight M2 Pro) all of them has this problem, i’il try connect each. actually I bought them in different stores.

All of them displayed in Yeelight or Mi home app with Yeelight\ Mi gateway, but i try connect them separately, and testing one by one.
not together.

sometimes he is active or not, but when he active, he not react on commad and have wrong on/off status. this i try with yeelight gateway

Now i try repeat with Mi gateway and one of them work, and react on command, WOW. Before he not work. Interesting)

md i can find any logs and attach it when device repeat this problem?

Hello, this seems to be the cause of the network, you can have a mobile hot spot to build a network test