YLXD013-C, Yeelight Arwen Ceiling Light 550C: mainlight is too bright on 1%

i got the Yeelight Arwen Ceiling Light 550C some days ago but in my opinion the mainlight is too bright at 1% brightness setting. The moonmode is a lot darker.
It would be cool if the minimal brightness for the main light would be the same as on moonmode?
I also saw that the sunrise effect is only correctly working for the ambient light. Support for the main light would also be cool.

Thanks for reading through this and please never take the local lan control service off. It’s in my opinion the main selling point. I use https://gitlab.com/stavros/python-yeelight
An option to disable yeelight cloud directly in the app would be also appreciated!

Hello, under the 1% brightness setting, the main light is too bright because of the dimming depth. We will continue to optimize it later

What do you mean with later? It’s a important for many people I guess. At night-time it’s too bright at 1% setting.

Hello, due to the limitations of hardware products, the minimum brightness of the product cannot be adjusted. We suggested to the r&d teacher of the company to evaluate that the dimming depth of the ceiling lamp should be increased in the future, so that the minimum brightness would be set darker