Yeelight Ceiling Light doesn't connect to WiFi 2,4Ghz


I’ve just bought the Yeelight Ceiling Light and it doesn’t connect to my WiFi.
I’ve changed the WiFi to 2,4 Ghz.
The WiFi ID and the password don’t contain any special character
I can see how the router asigns an IP address to the Light.

The stranger thing is that If I disable the WiFi of my router and I use my mobile phone to share my internet connection by using the access point functionality of my phone, and I use exactly the same WIFI name and password, the light connects to my phone and I can manage the light.

I need help to solve this issue.



Whether your router is 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-frequency, whether dual-frequency integration is enabled, please disable dual-frequency integration to try again. In addition, after successfully connecting to the Internet through the mobile hotspot, you can check whether there is a new version that can be upgraded


After a few days not connected to the mobile hotspot, yesterday I turned on the hotspot and the lamp doesn’t connect with the mobile hotspot neither…
I restarted the lamp with the sequence 5 times on and 5 times off. Now it’s blinking everytime and I can not see the lamp in the Xiaomi Home to pair again… It’s very annoying.

Is there other way to perform a hardware or factory reset? Do you think I should send the lamp to the support?

I’m absolutly upset with this integration. It’s not normal to have to set a SSID and password without any special characters. The 99% of routers has special characters in both the SSID and password… Besides the problem with 5Ghz… And it turns out that with some routers, like mine, doesn’t work either. I’m pretty sure that there is a problem with the Authentication Mode o the Encryption Mode.

Where are all these requirements documented?



It’s amazing. I contacted with After a few emails I sent a video and they told me:

According to your video, it looks like a flicker caused by not exiting factory mode.
If you have remote control, you can try to use the remote control to exit factory mode.
If you don’t have remote control, you can contact the seller for after-sales service directly.

Is it really a smart device?

The support team works very fast. Thanks guys.