Google home “could not reach Yeelight. please try again’

I can not sync device with google home, it will say yeelight has some problem to sync.

So I unlink yeelight with google home, and then add yeelight again.

But google home always show could not reach yeelight , please try again. I try more1 than 10 times. Please help. Mi ID :227668599

Same problem here.
Mi ID: 1580693519

same issue here since about 2h ago Mi ID: 175543885

Are any of the mods / admins aware of the issue? EDIT: Europe servers used

I have same issues. Been trying for days…

same issue

Same issue with me.

Same issue

ID 1907745583

Please resolve quickly, thank you

Same for me. I need help.

same problem! i bought new bulbs and a have lost also my old ones

Same issues here - Trying to connect but saying it cant connect to server

Same problem here!

Same issue…