【Official】【Homekit unresponsive issue】【Whitelist】

Hi all,

Recently, we received customer feedback that some Yeelight products often failed to respond in Homekit. Our engineers immediately identified the problem. We have found the cause of the problem and updated the firmware of the product. The product firmware is going through the process of testing and sealing samples, and it will take some time to be officially launched.

At present, we can solve the problem by adding the whitelist. If you want to experience the latest Homekit firmware in advance, you can provide your Xiaomi account below, and we will arrange to help you add the whitelist to upgrade the firmware in advance

Thank you for your feedback!

Yeelight FAE


Mi id 1809889217

Please add .Mi ID 456530911

Please add me as well: ID: 1670597068

Is the model yeelink.light.ceila , the Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro also affected? I have this one and I have the same issue.




Thank you.
Is the Ceiling Light Pro (yeelink.light.ceila) model also affected, and does the whitelist works on EU server?
I am asking because I can not see a new firmware yet.

Please add MI ID 6378218632



I got whitelisted for early update, and I think it works now! I’ll still have to keep an eye on it for today and I’ll give you guys an update. This No Response issue has been killing for months now. Glad the team fixed it. 谢谢 Yeelight!

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Please could you confirm that you have the same HomeKit issue with the Ceiling Light Pro (yeelink.light.ceila) model?
And also do you have an updated firmware for it, or not yet? Since I haven’t received one.
Thank you!

Let me make sure

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Thank you! I am looking forward to your team’s answer.

Please add MI ID 6295075265

The ceiling light and the LED strip started working again (thanks!), but I noticed you haven’t updated the LED filament bulb, which is also giving me problems. Is there an update planned?

Which ceiling light do you have if I may ask? Mine haven’t been updated.

Sorry,the firmware of your ceiling light is under development.