Smart LED BULB 1S COLOR mode flow

Good afternoon, friends of the Yeelight Forum, you know that I have a problem with the Focus configuration, forgive my ignorance, but it is very frustrating not being able to solve the problem and that is why I turn to you who are experts!
Well, my problem is the following, everything works perfectly with the Yeelight Smart LED BULB 1S COLOR bulb, but my problem is not being able to configure the flow mode with HomeKit or Siri Shortcuts, please, if you have any guide or tutorial, send me, I ask you strongly, since I’m stuck there and I haven’t found anything on the internet.
I will be forever grateful for your help.

Sorry,Homekit or Siri don’t support it.

Well friend, thank you very much for answering my question and so I think it is because I have not found any solution, I only managed to activate it with Alexa and Google Assistant in flow mode, thank you very much

Another concern, excuse me, can you confirm if it is possible to create scenes in the Yeelight app and activate them through apple shortcuts through Siri, thanks

If you want to activate scenes through Siri,you should create scenes in the HomeKit,Siri can’t activate scenes of Yeelight app.But we have prouducts called “Yeelight pro”,the scenes of Yeeligt pro can be synchronized to HomeKit.Which country do you live in?If our plan include your country,you can look forward it.

Ok, I’m from Quito-Ecuador, how are the Yeelight Pro products? Can you upload images so I can see if they sell in my country?

Unfortunately,our initial sales plan don’t include your country,maybe in the future.I am so sorry for that again.