How to control multiple light bulbs with a single remote controler or dimmer?

Here is my statement problem. I have bought a Yeelight three head E27 dinning table pendant lights which I am intending to use mounted with three W3 color bulbs (YLDP005) hanged over my dinning room table and control it with a Yeelight Smart Dimmer YLKG07YL. Now the problem I have is that it is not possible to control all 3 of those light bulbs paired to a single switch or remote like you can with Philips Hue and it is not tangable to have three dimmer switch on the wall to control these three light bulbs hanging over a single dinning table so I am asking Yeelight for support to enable multiple lights to be paired and controlled by a single smart switch or dimmer. Thanks!

Are you sure that W3 bulb works with dimmer? As far as I know (but I might be wrong), dimmers don’t work with bulbs, only with ceiling light(s)