Light bulb cannot go in White mode. Always in color.

This is my second light bulb with this symptom.

The light bulb was working as usual. Suddenly the White Yi light bulb (It is a color Yeelight bulb but I set to White) turns to color. When i check the app, the app was on White. So suddenly i lost the White function. I did not update the Yee light bulb. After experiencing the issue, i tried the following but cannot solve the problem :

  1. Set White trough the App, but the light bulb is color even if i select White in the app.
  2. on and off the light bulb. Still the same
  3. Reset the light bulb. Still the same. When reset the light bulb, its in color and not blinking white mode.
  4. add again the light bulb into the app. Still same issue.

Iooks like the light bulb cannot go back to White physically. Please help.

Which your light bulb firmware version is ?

my Firmware revision is 1.4.2_0076

The fimeware version is the latest,that looks like the circuit of white light had some problem,there is a hardware problem, you need to contact the after-sales service for product replacement

That is a problem. I do not think there is a Yeelight after sales service here. Anyway I can get it repaired? by postage or something? Else I think I cant do anything with this quality issue also.

From Malaysia

You can try to contact the place of purchase