Maximum number of GU10??

I have several GU10 lights but it seems they can not be online all together. Is there a maximum number of 13???

I have over 20 lights but every time the maximum number that has connection is 13 :s

That is probably limitation of your router…

Do you think it would limit the number of lights of same type? Or all devices connected combined?

Because then I could test by switching off some other stuff.

And if it is really my router (which I got from my pprovider) do you know any solution???

Many thanks. Big problem for me!

I switched of some cameras and printers. Now all the lights are connected. So you are right! It is the maximum amount of connections in my router :frowning:

But how can I solve this? The router is from my provider and I can not switch it.

I will buy an acces point to see if that helps.

Routers are basically small computers. They have RAM and CPU power which has limits. So while theroetically you can connect up to 254 devices, most routers support like min 12 or up to 24-32 etc. What I did because of this (also have combo cable modem/router from provider) is to switch the provider router to cable modem mode only, and connected my own router behind it. I also have one older router which I use as access point. And never had problems.

It cost me a couple of days but I have things running now. With the help of an acces point and lots of patience.

I thought about the same resolution that you choose but my router isn’t that bad really.

Thanks for all the input!

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