Oregon Server Down - Server error, please try again later...

Hi there.

I am getting Error message: Server error, please try again later when trying to connect to Oregon Server.


Also my Yeelight scenes not working anymore from a Google Assistant and Google Home.

My id 1665887926

Server. Oregon
Location New Zealand

Thanks for your feedback, we are working on the fix :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fixed,sorry for the inconvenience

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Thanks so much! Yip sure is fixed! I can see my scenes now in the Yeelight App!

Hello. Im having the exact same problem. Could u guys get it fixed?
ID 6277763962

Hi! Could you fix this for me too please? Same server, same problem, ID 6277763962. Thank you!!

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Google Home cannot link to Yeelight via Oregon Server

ID 1907745583 Please help thank you

Hi, I’m having the same problem. My server is the same and my ID is 6561574401. Thanks