Lightbar Pro: Ambient Awareness in Synapse

Hello! I have an issue with Ambient Awareness in Synapse.
When i try to use it it work fine, but the brightness of RGB light is very low.
Don’t find any solution how can i change the brightnes.


The ambient light is low in this mode, we can’t do that, the light command is from the Thundersnake, we can’t control it

Ok, got it. Is there another soft that can make ambient light much brighter?

What kind of light belt are you using now?

Right now i’m using Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro YLTD003
And i allready own Yeelight LED Lightstrip Pro, but it don’t arrive yet.

Try a lot of programs but Light Bar Pro don’t work with them.
So i don’t know what to do because the main feature i’ve bought this lamp don’t work properly.

Pass out the id

You can refer to this post for the screen lamp question:关于屏幕挂灯Pro连接雷云3问题

still can’t find the answer in post you reffered for

Send out your Mija ID

in your personal message

Try It this way, and if it doesn’t work I’ll open a whitelist in a few days and try to upgrade the firmware

Thanks! But i did pretty the same steps, and i’ve done it again.
Still no. Ambient Awareness in Synapse still low, seems that it don’t have a light at all

I’ll open up a white list of firmware updates for you in a few days

ok, thanks. i’ll be waiting for it.

Hi, my Yeelight LED Strip no longer works with Razer Ambient Awareness even though the connector app is running and recognised with Synapse. Any advice please?

Do not set the audio meter with the ray snake device. Bring up two audio tracks, one Coil Viper device. And then I’m GonNa pull up a tape recorder

Sorry, don’t understand what i need to do.
I don’t know what meen “ray snake” and “coil viper device”

Can you please explain me what to do.

Today i’ve got new led stripe, Yeelight Smart Light Strip pro YLDD005, and the same problem.

Ambient Awareness is much dimmer than other effects.

Sorry, wrong reply, the problem of low ambient brightness requires a new firmware, the new firmware has not been tested yet, wait for a while