LAN Control whitelist

Please add me to the whitelist
I need lan control
ID: 1666234831
Server: Russia
Product: Bedside Lamp 2
Model: yeelink.light.bslamp2
Current Firmware: 2.1.7_0043

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hello From which software can I get this device information? I can’t find it from “Mi Home”

@ihewro he’s talking about the update that removed the Lan Control from the Mibedside Lamp 2. The firmware update removed this option, breaking a lot of Smart Home setups, including mine.

There was an adm in this forum that created an custom firmware and was whitelisting people to download and “kinda downgraded”, but this adm has quit, and Yeelight are not giving any user an answer, only “Xiaomi told us to do it, so we did it, and we dont care about you”.

Hello. I have two Mi Bedside Lamp 2, China region. Mi ID 6301464117 Please give access via LAN. Thank you.

Please add LAN to my account 1740538665

Please, enable LAN to my account
MI ID 6291527765

Hello, can you please enable my account for LAN control
My ID :15811767661


Please enable my account to use LAN control over my devices
ID: 1723037377
Region: EU
Many thanks

Please whitelist my account too.
id : 1550726506

Model : yeelink.light.bslamp2 (x2)
Model : yeelink.light.bslamp1

Region is EUROPE

Thanks !

Please add me to the whitelist,I need LAN control:
Id : 1781712580
Model: yeelink.light.bslamp2
Current Firmware: 2.1.7_0047

Region is Europe/Frankfurt

Thanks in advance


Please add me to the whitelist,I need LAN control:
ID: 1648679988
Model: yeelink.light.ceiling22
Region is Europe/Frankfurt

Thank you!

According to the requirements of Xiaomi, the function of LAN control has been cancelled for all Xiaomi products. Cannot be enabled by adding a whitelist, sorry about that.

This is unacceptable behavior from any company that sells a product and later changes the function they sell.

From now on Xiaomi & Yeelight are in ΜY BLACKLIST. I will never buy anything from these companies and of course I will prevent as many people as possible to buy their products too.


Yeah, you can only hope now that there’s an esp32 inside and flash custom firmware.

Yes there is, and I did flashed the lamps. Now the lamps are in my local network connected through Home Assistant with all the other smart home devices I have.

But as I already said I will never buy another product from Yeelight or Xiaomi.
Not even a paper clip, as I said yesterday with a friend.

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Just download old app yeelight and go ^^ version 3304 is perfect

Download yeelight 3304
Activate lan control
Uninstall yeelight 3304

Did you had to open the lamp to plug some serial cable to flash it?
Because i’m really pissed with Xiaomi and Yeelight for this, but i didn’t want to just put away the device.

So much eletronic trash

yes, it is not as difficult as I thought. I was determint to fix it or broke it.

Please add me to the whitelist
I need lan control
ID: 6423889298
Server: Europe Africa
Product: Bedside Lamp 2
Model: yeelink.light.bslamp2
Current Firmware: 3.3.18

are you sure its gonna work ?