Mi Smart Bulb Essentials not connecting or being shown on the Mi Home list

My smart lamp model MJDPL01YL does not connect to the app. I have changed the region to China. I have tried to add it manually but therre is ABSOLUTELY no trace of the name “Mi Smart LED Bulb” on the list and it’s driving me crazy. Is there anything I can do to connect this device? The network shows “yeelink […]” but when I connect to it there is no difference, the device is still not reconized in the Mi Home app. Please help. And yes I have factory reset it 10 times already

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Hi, I encounter exactly the same problem, no more mi smart bulb in the app, the wifi is yeelink-light-color5. Impossible to find this in the app, it became a simple light bulb. What can we do ?

Hi there, I found out how to fix this, change the region to Hong Kong instead of China. The only problem in my case is that my Mi Bedside Lamp 2 doesn’t get recognized in Hong Kong… so I will have to find a region that supports both.