Flickering/pulsating Yeelight 1S

I’ve bought 8 piece of Yeelight 1S bulb off Bangood and i’m overall happy with them, however i have one issue with two bulbs in this latter order. One bulb is flickering pretty bad, the other one also doing it, but in a less disturbing way.

No issues encountered with the rest 6.
What i found is, if the brightness goes below ~5-10%, the device starts flickering/pulsating sometimes real bad (Not a programmed preset/scene causing it).
No visible issue with the Cold White or Warm White colors, but seems only the RGB color suffers or shows this problem.

What i already did: power cycle, different lamp (no dimmer, direct 230VAC), different outlets, other wifi, yeelight app, homekit, upgraded one bulbs firmware to the latest revision last week (2.1.37).
I did my best to resolve it by myself, but not much else i can actually do.

Both bulbs show similar symptoms.
Can you please suggest a way forward and how do you wish to address this problem ?
Video of Proof :

I’ve e-mail mailed you that was responded with
Chinese lunar new year holiday from Jan 27th to Feb 7th, will back to work on Feb 8th

I’m expecting a reply either here or in email ASAP.


I need a reply from the support team ASAP.

I’m wondering if anyone is working at yeelight.