NEW Led strip from Yeelight Available 😀

New Led Strip addressable available now :grinning:

Yeelight led light strip pro Chameleon smartcolor ambilight yeelight RGB YLDD005


it doesn’t work properly, pc still see it like one big led.
i can’t tune it like on your promo banners or description, so i can’t use it like ambilight correctly.

Pair it with Mi Home instead of Yeelight app

Of cource i’ve allready done it. But it seems that the led don’t have soft or firmware to work corrwct with.

My worked straight from the box, what fw version do you have and how did you added it? I chose it from the devices nearby instead of selecting device manually

Maybe we talk about different things.
I mean this kind of ambilifgt

I’m taking about at least two colors by the time (it’s main difference between two generation of stripes).

There is only one color at the time, like this:

my fw is: 2.1.7_0014

According to specs, you have to use razer chroma to sync colors. But if you want to turn it on of off in muticolor mode then use MiHome app

Yeah, know it. Allready done, right now i’m using Razer. but it still one-color-at-the-time mode)