Meteorite Scenes not working as intended


I have a Yeelight Meteorite / Crystal and want to use the Ambilight via Alexa. I already read that you cannot adress the ambilight via Alexa. So I wanted to create different scenes for that. I already noticed, that the main lamp has to be on as well, so I put it at minimum brightness. The ambilight I chose for examble blue. This is a scene I safe as “blue”.

If I now activate scene “blue” in Yeelight App (and later on Alexa aswell), the light changes to something totally different that what I programmed (for example main lamp goes other white-temperature and brightness as well as ambilight goes randomly white and minimum brightness).
As I said, this happens already without any interference with Alexa. It already happens only in Yeelight App.

How can I do this as intended? For me, the scenes are not working properly for me.

MI ID: 6497599175

You can try to save the light state(for example “blue”) into favorite, and then create a scene. But when you reach the step of specified device state during create scene, please choose “Turn on to a preset scene” - “Favorites”,and then “blue”. Save and execute the scene to see if it works.

Hi morgan and Thank you for your response. I really hope to get this working as intended.

I forgot to mention this step that you suggested. I am already saving the light state into favorite before creating a scene (because you cannot separately chose the ambilight when creating a scene).

Do you have any other suggestions? Can you confirm that this is not the way it should be?

The main light can set parameters in the scene or call the favorite light, but the ambilight is not supported. It can only choose to follow the main light switch, the color and brightness of the light will be consistent with the effect before the light is turned off


so the ambilight cannot be controlled via Voice Control (3rd party service like alexa) in any way? Not even via scenes? Please confirm if I understood correctly.
If this is the case it is a pity. This was a reason for me to buy the product since the marketing kind of suggests full controllability and NOT only controllability of a part of the lamp :frowning:

The ambilight switch can only follow the main light, but the color of the ambilight can be adjusted via Voice Control. because Alexa doesn’t have the concept of an ambilight, so when you adjust the brightness or color temperature, it can’t tell whether to adjust the main light or the ambilight. The main light is colorless, so when you adjust the color, it knows you’re going to adjust the ambilight.


again I am not sure that I understood you. Do you say, that if I tell “Alexa, Yeelight blue” it knows that it has to change the ambilight to blue since the mainlight does not have any colors?
I can tell you, that this does not work, unfortunately. If I do this, Alexa responses “Yeelight does not support that action”.
Is there no way to implement this little feature?