Issue with LAN control API

i got a Arwen 550S @ 2.1.7_0011 and i found a issue with the LAN control API.

My lamp has two lights, main light and background light. I want to control both separately, for this i deactivated “Follow the primary light’s on/off status” (this is setting is only available at the Xiaomi Home app, not the Yeelight app(couldn’t find it atleast)).
So far so good, now i can turn on / off the main light without also turning on the background light.

But here is the issue, when i have the background light on and the main light off and i send “power” (page 22 at the API documentation) for checking the status of the main light, it tells me “on”, even when the main light is off. Only when all lights are off, the command gives me “off”.
So i can turn off and on the main light without getting any response of the status, when the background light is on.

In my opinion a command is missing in the API, the “dev_power”, like for controlling the complete lamp with “dev_toggle”. So that the normal “power” one just gives the status of the main light, not the whole lamp itself (like the normal toggle now only controls the main light not the background light".

Breakdown of the API changes:
power - Only reports the power status of the main light. (has to be changed / fixed)
bg_power - Only reports the power status of the background light. (works already fine)
dev_power - Reports the power status of the whole lamp. (has to be implemented)

It would be very nice when you can implement / fix this in the LAN control API, or can tell me a another way to check the main light status when the background light is on.