Yeelight lightbar pro toggle main and background separately

Hey there,
i have bought recently the Lightbar Pro and now i want to control it with a python script. So far so easy.
In the App there is the option to separate the on and off operation for the background light and the main light.
The local api does have an endpoint to toggle the background color on and off and two more , one is named toggle and the other dev_toggle. dev toggle toggles both together , but toggle does the same thing.
The Problem is quit simple the Lightbar has 3 properties:
power → background and main light
main_power → only the main light
bg_power → only the background light

So now my question is how can I change main_power? There is no extra endpoint for this.
I tried set_adjust(action,prop) where prop=main_power , but i dont know which action is the right. I tried toggle, turn_on, on and 1 as action, but I got every time {'id': 1, 'error': {'code': -5001, 'message': 'invalid params'}}

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