Connexion Problem Yeelight 1S

I just received a connected Yeelight 1S bulb and I have a problem when pairing. It is impossible for me to select my Wifi network (see photo), I can enter the password but as soon as I press the “network name” field I find myself directly in the settings of my phone (Iphone 13 under iOS). I tried on Yeelight and Xiaomi Home app, on all different servers, resetting the bulb and my inernet box. I even modified the parameters of my box (sfr) in order to deactivate the 5GHz frequency. I also tried pairing on another phone with tethering but still nothing.

So if you have any solutions I’m a taker!

thank you in advance for your help

Send me the model, search for Wifi on your phone, and send me the Yeelink Wi-fi. Or Send me a photo of the product

  1. Make sure the exact location function is turned on.
  2. Switch to Wi-fi if you can.
  3. Kill the APP, get back in