Issues with (warm)white bulbs and GU10

Hi, I use Yeelight for about 3 years now and have always been happy with the product, Yeelight and Xiaomi were my first steps in home automation.
However, and this is not the fault of Yeelight, the removal/disabling of the LAN function under the pressure of Xiaomi has been a nightmare.(driving me in the arms of Home Assistant)
The latest products I bought are the Yeelight filament bulbs (TLDP12YL) 2700K warm white and the Yellight GU10 W1 2700K warm white.
I have in and around the house about 14 color bulbs V2 and W1(color) that work without any problem, even with a weak WiFi signal (garden and gate).
The problem: All the warm white bulbs are behaving strangely. (I tested also before I added them to Home Assistant)
The YLDP12YL bulbs drop Wifi constantly and when dropped from Wifi only come back after a power cycle. The bulbs are 6 feet away from the router.
The W1 warm white bulbs work normally with the Yeelight/Xiaomi app but in Home Assistant they constantly become available/not available (about 10 times per minute). While the W1 color bulbs don’t have this issue.
I think the Wifi management chip or programming is different compared to the Color bulbs.
Is there something I can do regarding settings?
My setup is Linksys EA6700 - Mesh network Linksys Velop. All bulbs have static IP addresses. (DHCP didn’t make a difference).
For Home Assistant reasons I’m in the process of transferring all Xiaomi sensors to the China mainland server. Because I want to be able to also use Yeelight and Xiaomi app for some automation, I think I have to move my Yeelight bulbs also to the China server (on the Yeelight app). Are there any restrictions that I should be aware of? All tips/input is more than welcome.