SSDP Discovery not working on linux

Hello. I have a problem. I am running ubuntu server 18.04 on some old pc with nodered and some small website hosting using hestia cpanel. I am not a networking wizzard but i am also not a complete noob.

I cant make yeelight devices to respond me when i try to discover them via ssdp.
I am using a npm library that works on point on windows. So i tought the library works only on windows. Then i tried the linux python example, that also cant find any device. I tried all libraries that exist for yeelight on npm and python. Nothing works, but everything works on windows.

I created firewall exceptions for the ports 55443,1982. I checked for multicast to be enabled on my network adapter. I tried everything. I even run everything with root, because i tought it was some permission error.

I get only 1 ssdp response from any linux machine I try to discover yeelight devices, and that is the device itsels, it respons on 10293 port.

It’s kinda frustrating. I have a friend that got it to work on linux half an year ago, but he lost the working build and does not remember.

what am I missing? LAN control is enabled, obviously, because if i try to discover them on windows it works flawlessly.