Yeelight wall switch doesn't doesn't work


I bought four yeelight wall switches for my yeelight arwen lights.

At the time of installation, one of them works perfectly when I connect it to the electrical power, it blinks the red light when touching them, etc. But others don’t.

I tried long pressing the upper button (sync), I tried switch the bottom switch off/on, I tried long pressing and multi pressing all buttons, but they seem to be dead, as they don’t even make the red light.

Here you can see a video of what I mean

Can you help me? How can I “reset” them or make them alive?

Thank you.

I don’t understand how you manage to touch the wires with your bare hands?
This dimmer does not require a neutral wire, there must be two wires in total.
One of the wires is phase (Line). The second wire must go to the phase (Line) of the lamp.

Are you sure you are not connecting a neutral cable to the lamp?

What kind of wires do you have? Is there tension between them? If you connect them together, does the lamp light up?


It wasn’t me, it was the electrician. I think that he knows what he is doing (I hope).

Yes, we know it about the wires. The thing is: only one of the switches works. We connect them in the same way, but only one of them works.

We tried changing the order of the cables, etc. But there is no way that we can make them work.

About the last question : yes! The lamp works. And the lower switch on/off works. I mean, the cable are powered with electricity, but the yeelight wall swith is not powered. I don’t understand why.

Thank you for your reply.

It is very unlikely that three dimmers are faulty.

it should be like this

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