Yeelight 1S lightstrip have problem with Homekit ???

My yeelight 1S always not response with homekit app
How can i fix it :frowning:

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I have the same problem, although the tape in the Yeelight application is in touch at the same time. Sometimes it helps to turn off and on the tape through the control unit, sometimes it helps to make some settings in the Yeelight application. But it disappears from Apple Home at the most inopportune time. The firmware has been updated to the latest one. What could be the problem? I have Yeelight LED Bulb 1S running on the same network, there are no problems with this device in Apple Home.

I have two 1s bulbs and one 1s strip and the most of the time they are unreachable at Apple Homekit app.Always no response.The 3rd Yeelight 1s Bulb i have its working perfect with the firmware update set to 2.0.6_0024.The others that are 2.1.7_0037 are always buggy.I want to downgrade the firmware in order to successfully control them

Are there any solutions how to roll back the firmware?

Nothing that i am aware of.I started a topic just for that in the forum and i am waiting for response.Do you know ??

I have problem with all yeelight devices and homekit. They are working very bad! Most of time in homekit app they are on “Not response”. Not recomend this company devices for apple homekit. I will try to sell them and buy other company devices…

Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the bad experience, if it’s a problem of Homekit not responding, please provide me with your MI ID and tell me exactly those devices, I will open a whitelist for you


MI ID: 6279293135
3xYeelight LED Light Strip 1S
1xYeelight LED Lightstrip Plus
1xYeelight 550s


Please, I’m facing the same problem. Follow my ID

MI ID: 1587024875
Yeelight Lightstrip 1S 3 meters

MI ID : 6505883783
3 x Yeelight 1s bulbs ( YLDP13YL )
1 x Yeelight 1s LED Strip ( YLDD05YL ) with 4 m extension
1 x Yeelight White bulb ( YLDP15YL )


it’s ok

So what i have to do now ?? I see firmware update for Yeelight White bulb ( YLDP15YL ) and LED Strip ( YLDD05YL ) , but no firmware update for the 1s bulbs.

Sorry, Bulb 1s has not been fixed with the release of a new firmware

Will be fixed any time soon ?


I need that to be soon.We need that fix soon.Everyday i facing problems with reliability.When is gone to be this soon fix ??


Sorry to barge in this post,

I have three HomeKit Yeelight devices on 2.1.7_0043, a Desklamp 1S (yeelink.light.lamp4) and 2 bedside lamps 2 (yeelink.light.bslamp2), they show on HomeKit as no response all the time on this firmware.

Using Discovery DNS app on iPhone I can see they stop broadcasting multicastsDNS (bounjour) on hap.tcp all the time.

Please whitelist my Mi ID 6491427476
For a new firmware or the latest stable one.
My devices are always online on Yeelight app, and i have no problems with other HomeKit devices.
I have a asus mesh system.

Thank you

Hello! I have the same problem with Lightstrip.

MI ID: 1602742492
Model: yeelink.light.strip6