How to pair the Yeelight Gateway with Candela light?


I’ve had the Candela for two years. Beautiful lamp.
The only thing that has always kept me from buying more Candela lights was the fact, that I can only control them via Bluetooth and have to be within range.

Today I got the Yeelight Gateway, which I hope will allow me to control the whole thing via the internet in the future.

The gateway can now also be found in the Yeelight app.

But how do I connect the gateway to the Candela lamp?

The candela light can only be controlled through the phone’s Bluetooth connection, but not the gateway. They are using different communication technologies that cannot be used together. Only the Mesh bulbs can be connected to the gateway.

Wow, after 18 days there was an answer, and then that it doesn’t work, although it was written in this topic that it does work, and there is also this misleading picture.


Of course, the 14-day right of return is now over, and I have thrown 30 € out the window.