Add wall switch for Yeelight GU10


Can you give me some advice, how to add a physical button to turn on and off my YEELIGHT GU10 ?

Is there a wifi switch I can use ?


I think you can use only wireless zigbee switch with GU10…

Can you give me a link please ?

Thank you

You can use any Aqara or Mijia wireless switch:

but you also need Zigbee gateway:



Thank you very much for your answer

I bought both of them

But xiaomi smart hub won’t connect to Smart Life
It connects to Xiaomi Home only
And my GU10 can only be added to Smart Life

How can I do?


Smart life? This is Yeelight forum. Yeelight bulbs connect to Yeelight app or MiHome app. Smartlife is Tuya. Completely different eco-system…

I tried because it doesn’t work with Xiaomi Home neither

I made a reset on Yeelight GU10 (they started flashing) but Xiaomi Home can’t find them…

Is there a server to select or sth? I bought the Xiaomi Hub just for that but Xiaomi Home can’t find the GU10…

I use them on the European server. Works great. Maybe you can try:

Add ‘other lamp’ , 5 time on/off, select given wifi network and go back into the mi home app.

It finally worked with EU server.

Thank you!