No response Homekit only yeelight bulbs

Hi, I have 3 yeelight bulbs (1S color, 1S white and Filament ) which works with Apple Homekit (I have Apple TV 4K and Homepod mini as accessories center) but from ~2 weeks I have problems with these 3 bulbs - no response error in Apple Home App every several minutes (the same time these bulbs are still working in yeelight app)

I have other Homekit accessories and there is no problems with these so it must be problem with yeelight bulbs only.

I tried reset bulbs, even I created new home in Homekit app. I tried to reset my router. And still nothing.

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Same problem here.

Same issue. Had no problem with 1 SE tho and bulbs/strips which I didn’t updated to 2.1.7.
Asked from support for downgrade to 2.0.6.
Btw 1SE bulbs have 2.0.6 firmware as a latest version and works just fine with no issue

Same here. it was working fine until the recent one-two weeks. No problem in Mijia APP although.

Exactly the same problem, yeelight app works fine but on homekit it reached a point that now it is always a surprise (working /no response) whenever you open the app. It is extremely annoying since I only bought these lamps because they were homekit enabled.

Same problem , when they will fix it !!!

I managed to fix it.
So first of all I was blaming my router which I changed to new TP link deco, then i turned off all things that possibly could be a problem (QoS, made static IP to all bulbs etc), it’s definitely made my Wi Fi more stable but still had a lot of “no responding” stuff all the time.
In my setup I have 1 Apple TV 4K (the old one) and 2 home pod mini, mainly Apple TV was as a hub and this was an issue in my case. After I disabled homekit on Apple TV and made home pod mini as a only hub - everything working perfect.
Hope it’s gonna help

Unfortunately for me, it didn’t work. It became stable for a couple of hours, but then it was the same all over again.

Meanwhile, my hue lamps didn’t have a single glitch this whole time. I will end up changing all of them to Hues.

Actually it’s was working few days just fine and here we go again. I’m just give up, tried everything already