Scenes not working for 2 days

I’m using Frankfurt server and I get server error on scenes (Custom Scenes made by me) for 2 days.
Color Bulbs, Ceiling Lamps, Led Strips and Desk Lamps working fine but I only can control one by one and its a little bit tedious.

Anyone with the same problem?

Best Regards.

Same problem here. All my “scenes” are gone. Everything else appears normal. Message in App is “server error”. As usual, Yeelight seems unresponsive, unavailable, and basically not concerned about customer experience.

Same problem, let’s hope they fix it soon.

Yeelight please fix the Frankfurt server scenes!

same problem. I am on Frankfurt and I cant add any scene or or delete older one and I cant create a customization. I can only use device from device segment

Still having this problem. I have no scenes, can’t save scenes. Everything else is still there. I’ve cleared data and reinstalled the app, no help. Oddly, my partner’s iPhone still has access to my scenes while my Android doesn’t. Have heard nothing from Yeelight here. Yet another instance of YL ignoring a problem that many are having and talking about on their forum.

I face the same problem, Frankfurt Server. Hope it will be fixed soon.

Same problem here, server error when connecting to the Frankfurt server. Please fix!!

It is fixed now.

Yay! Thank you.

Same problem still happening for days now on North and South America server. Any ETA on a fix Yeelight?

Hi, everyone. Sorry for the bad experience. we fixed the issue.

Today i re-added a bulb to my system and adjusted all my scenes with that bulb, now it’s a big mess when activating scenes. Some bulbs are not responding at all or just on second attempt, some respond very delayed… You never know what’s next when touching a working system. :-/ And you never know if it’s yeelight, google or xiaomi messing it this time. :frowning:

You only can be sure that you won’t get support at all.

Been happening to me on the US server for at least a couple weeks now.
I am unable to add access existing scenes or create new scenes.
I am also unable to create or access customizations.
Please fix this Yeelight, this is an important basic feature that is not functional.

Same problem happening again for last few days on North and South America (Oregon) server. Any ETA on a fix Yeelight?