Yeelight 1SE: changing color through SmartThings makes device go offline

I have two Yeelight 1SE bulbs, one of them works fine in every integration and main app, the other one, for some reason, appears as offline when I change it’s color in SmartThings and doesn’t go back online (in SmartThings app, shows as online in other apps) unless I relink my Yeelight account. It keeps working fine with all it’s functions in Alexa app and Yeelight app.
So who/what is at fault? SmartThings? Yeelight integration? Or a hardware fault? Pretty strange since the other bulb doesn’t have this issue.
I’m running the latest firmware and the bulb has -55dB of signal strength, so no easy solution it seems.

Extra info for the devs or whatever, I wonder if they ever will see this lmao.

  • The dimmable feature works in SmartThings.
  • The temperature feature works partially, only that it works in the range of blue instead of white/warm. At least it doesn’t make the bulb go offline.
  • SmartThings doesn’t see the bulb in ON state when it’s turned on in other apps, or even when it’s turned ON in a SmartThings automation. It can still be turned off or be dimmed with SmartThings automations or manually. This sometimes happens to the “good” bulb, but rarely.
  • The bulb couldn’t change color in SmartThings with stock firmware. Updated to version 2.0.8_0009, still can’t.
  • As said before, the color control disconnects the bulb, while it remains functional in other apps.
  • May be relevant: the bulbs and all my IoT devices are connected to a Xiaomi Redmi AX6S router.

Ok, I think I might have found what the problem was. I was using the Mi WiFi app with a different Mi account than I was using with the Yeelight app. I realized this because the Mi wifi app recognized the bulb as a Xiaomi device and notified me I needed to use the same account to control the bulb (it didn’t recognize the “good” bulb tho). So I did that and now the two bulbs work properly in SmartThings. Very, very strange and obscure solution, but I won’t be complaining anymore lol.
Of course it may have fixed itself since I had to reset the bulb to add it to my other Mi account, but I obviously did try resetting it many times before with no success. Anyways, good talk people of Yeelight :).