Ceiling5 - no yeelight id broadcasted


Until yesterday I had 3 yeelight ceiling5 lamps integrated in homebridge.
After a Wifi reset yesterday:
1 ceiling5 lamps is broadcasting the yeelight id required for the integration.
The other 2 ceiling5 lamps are i) on the Wifi but ii) do not broadcast the yeelight id → can not be found in homebridge

What I tried:
I have deleted the not discovered lamps from both the Xiaomi and Yeelight app
I have factory reseted the lamps (5 times on/off)
Afterwards they can be added to the yeelight and Xiaomi App again - although throughout the process, it fails to push the config but suggests a “similar light” that then can be added.

My Mi_Id is 6535120439

Any help would be much appreciated.