Does Yeelight M2 Downlight support SmartThings? Yeelight 的 M2 筒灯支持 SmartThings 吗?

I bought several M2 Downlights on recently. I couldn’t test it directly because the renovation hadn’t started yet. I want to know if they can work with the SmartThings app. After-sales customer service on did not give me an exact answer, he just pointed out that the version sold in China may be different from the overseas version. So I’m a little worried about that.

我最近京东上买了几个 M2 筒灯,因为装修还没开始没法亲自测试。我想知道他们是否兼容 SmartThings app。之前京东的售后没有给我确切的答复,只是说国内版本可能和海外版本有所不同,所以我有点担心国内版会不会不支持 SmartThings。

Yes, it is working perfectly