Not able to use Yeelight devices and scenes(Bombay Server) in IFTTT

I recently bought Mi LED Smart Bulb(e27) from Mi-India store. As it was just rebranded Yeelight I tried to pair it with Yeelight app(As Yeelight app has capability of IFTTT integration and its scenes could be activated with Google Home, both of these utilities are unavailable with ‘Mi Home’ app) but couldn’t connect either with India(Bombay) or Singapore servers. While Yeelight app was able to detect the bulb, it couldn’t complete pairing(could be that Mi Bulb is locked to specific Server!!?? IDK). I was able only able to pair the bulb with Mi Home(India server), then the bulb also started showing in Yeelight app(India server), and now I able to “activate” Yeelight scences in Google app, but the Yeelight-IFTTT service is still not able to find the devices and scences!!??
How to proceed? Is there any work-in-progress to integrate Mi Home with IFTTT and Gogogle Home like Yeelight app?

My account-id 5277070820.

@chyhaiyuan Any idea about on this?