Yeelight BLE mesh downlight appear offline in SmartThings

Hi Yeelight,

My BLE mesh downlight seems to always appear offline in SmartThings. I need to refresh it, then it appears online momentarily, and them any adjustments will make it offline again. Other ceiling lights that connects via WIFI seems absolutely fine.

While that being said, although the BLE mesh downlight appear offline, I can still switch on/off using SmartThings. However, the real problem is with the dimmer - SmartThings dimmer cannot work properly with Yeelight BLE Downlights. Any adjustments will always make the downlights light at 1%, and no matter how u adjust in SmartThings, it cannot brighten up back at 100%, or any other values.

I would then need to go into Yeelight App to make it 100% again. This issue causes problems with automation.

From what I understand, Yeelight owns the code to integrate to SmartThings. Can someone please help look into this?