2.1.7_0037 firmware makes my Yeelight bulb useless in Smartthings.

I bought 3 pieces of Yeelight W3 and added it in Smartthings. After updating it to the latest firmware, there are a lot of problems.

  1. Changing color of the bulb in Smartthings makes the bulb offline.
  2. Changing the brigthness makes the bulb color blue.
  3. Any interaction in Yeelight apps will not be updated in Smartthings app.

Thinking my W3 is faulty, I replaced it with 3 pieces of Yeelight 1S. The same thing happen after updating to firmware 2.1.7_0037.

My Yeelight 1S on older firmware in my other home are working just fine.

I need to downgrade my bulbs to older firmware ASAP so it can used again.

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I’m experiencing the same problem. However, my W3 bulb that was set up before the firmware update still works ok. I’m only having problems with bulbs set up after the update. Everything works fine in the Yeelight app, but SmartThings integration has been broken.

While doing research on this issue I noticed that this is a common issue with Yeelight, firmware updates breaking things. Fortunately, I’m still within my return window at Amazon.

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