bg_set_scene not available on arwen ceiling light 550c


My device (arwen ceiling light 550c) don’t have the “bg_set_scene” activated.

Can you do something ?

Here’s the list of what i’m getting in available method :

model: ceilc
fw_ver: 5
support: get_prop set_default set_power toggle set_bright set_scene cron_add cron_get cron_del start_cf stop_cf set_adjust adjust_bright set_name set_ct_abx adjust_ct bg_set_rgb bg_set_hsv bg_set_ct_abx bg_start_cf bg_stop_cf set_scene_bundle bg_set_default bg_set_power bg_set_bright bg_set_adjust bg_adjust_bright bg_adjust_color bg_adjust_ct bg_toggle dev_toggle

Firmware version (from the application): 2.0.6_0005 (up to date)

Thank you in advance


Any update on this bg_set_scene issue ?

I would really like to be able to start the background light with specific parameters