Light bulb 1S stopped connecting

The bulb worked correctly for a few months and sometimes it had a hard time trying to reconect when I for example turned on the light after turning it off from the phone app. Normally I just turned it off fron the light switch and nothing happened, but even when that problem occured after reseting the device it went back to normal.
Thing is, since months that happened for the last time it doesn’t connect anymore. It works but with the normal light (thanks god I didnt let it with blue light or something) and it doens’t matter if I reset it, reinstall the app, take off the bulb and put it on again… The wifi is literally on the room and my phone is perfectly conected (I’m an android xiaomi user). Sometimes when I try to connect it the device appears in the app but after trying to connect it it just says that the conexion wasnt sucessful and sometimes it doesnt even appear. My wifi is 2.4g and 5g, I read 5g gives problem but it is algo 2.4G…
Can’t believe I payed 25 euros for a color led bulb to be like a regular one