Some ambients Stoppped working with Alexa


I have 2 Yeelight devices in the app and I use them with Alexa speakers. I use the ambients at the yeelight app.

For example. I create an ambient at yeelight app called “morning” that makes the sunrise mode on both devices. And I make another ambient called “night” that puts both devices in night mode.
If I say “Alexa, turn on morning” the lights turn on on sunrise mode and the same with “Alexa, turn on Night” they turn on night mode.

A few days ago the night mode works but the sunrise mode doesn’t work. Alexa responds “OK”, but nothing happens. The ambient works on the yeelight app.

I’d reset the alexa speakers, skill, devices, lights, yeelight app… but the problem persists.

am I the only with this problems?

Thank you