Yeelight Google Home Scenes not working

I’ve been having some problems with my yeelight bulb.
Everything in the app seems to work perfectly but the integration in the Google Home App seems to not be working properly. I can turn on/off the light, change colors and everything else that is expected, yet Google Home routines seem to not be able to run Yeelight Scenes. This is an annoying and unfortunate issue that seems to happen quite often, making the light unreliable in some situations.
I’d like to know if it’s a server related problem or anything on my end. I’ve already tried unlinking and reconnecting the yeelight account in the assistant settings, but, since everything else but the running of scenes is working, I would suspect that the linking is not the problem.
Thank you in advanced

Server: Europe and Africa(Frankfurt)
Mi ID: 6234630060

I’m suffering same problem with alexa since a few days ago

Same here with Google home and ITTT. Light on/off works but no scenes.

Same here with Alexa

Same here with IFTTT and Google assistant routines. Please fix! Thanks

Problem still exists or exists again in Europe/Germany.
Google Home/assistant can not activate the scenes e.g. sunrise / sunset.
So sad! :frowning:

I wonder how long this company is going to ignore this problem. Time to switch to other brands I guess. This is very bad service.