Can't link yeelight filament bulb either to smart things (samsung) or google home

Hi everyone,

I’m having issues here. I would appreciate some help. I’ve bought two filament bulbs (YLDP23YL and YLDP12YL). I’ve manage to connect them via yeelight app and it work just fine. But when I try to control them via Google Home or Smart Things I’m stuck. On Google Home integration it says “no devices were found in you yeelight account” and on Smart Things accept the integration but doesn’t display any device. So it’s a bummer. Just a info, I don’t have a hub. Only the bulbs. Besides this it is amazing how the integration in Apple Home kit on my spouse phone went so fine. . . .

Other thing interesting is that when I sign in on my mi account there are no devices added which is very strange since I added them and I control them via app.

Wrong server?

Hi dalanik,

At beginning I set it up using Europe server. But no joy in the integration with both smart things or Google Home. Then I read that sometimes changing the server it would help. So I changed to US. After that both bulbs stopped working on Yeelight App. But that I think is a normal thing

It doesn’t matter which server except china/elsewhere. it is either for international market or for china market…

Ok. I understand that. But I keep having the same problem. As I told earlier I was amazed by the fact that with Apple Home the integration were smoothly and stress free. Just scan the QR code and voilá. I was expecting to have this troubles with Apple integration, not with Android.
Is there anyone to help me or to recommend some sort of work around? Will a purchase of a hub solve this issue? Not that I want to buy one but if is that the case it shouldn’t state on the characteristics the is hub free.

Also nothing to do with Apple. Xiaomi eco system products are simply either for China or International market. Either buy everything from China or everything locally. It is stupid, I know, but that’s how it is.

So the work around of this issue is . . . . I will try to setup the bulbs again after a factory reset. Let see of it works.
Also, isn’t odd that even on my mi, xiaomi account the bulbs doesn’t appear as devices. It like I don’t have anything there.