MJDP02YL Light Bulb Color not being added to Apple Home app, Homekit

I have recently both Mi Smart LED Bulb - MJDP02YL and is trying to add this bulb to the iOS Home app as this one supports the Apple HomeKit. I’ve already setup the bulb on the Mi Home app but after tapping the Home button on Mi Home (after long press on the light bulb’s icon) nothing happens. The light bulb is still hasn’t been added to the Home app.

I really you can provide a fix to this. I own several Xiaomi products and really have big trust on your brand.

Box says the light bulb supports Apple HomeKit.

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Have the exact same issue with an Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus that also got a box with HomeKit logo on it.

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You can try scanning for devices to add directly in HomeKit

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Even I am facing the same issue,
Bulb model - MJDP02YL
Firmware - 2.0.6_0035
Bulb’s box says homekit compatible but while trying to add to Homekit, app does nothing.
Tried with both Mi home and Yeelight app. I bought this bulb for Homekit only but its not working.
Please help.

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This does not work.


For me too. It’s not working….

I thing the app need a upgrade (for ios 15 maybe ?).

Nobody move for that and that’s borring, frustating.

Please @xiaomi do SOMETHING. For me I have a 2018 or 2019 bulb which is compatible with HomeKit after firmware upgrade. But nothing is done after click on Homekit and than on my home name.
Within yeelight app, I got one screen further if I try to add the bulb : but I got a screen where it ask me to scan a QRCODE or add a serial number (which is not available because my 2019 bulb came without).

Very very f***ing annoying. Please do something, this should be patched with software (or firmware), not a hardware issue. Open your issue @xiaomi and listen to US!

So ? Nothing ?


This does not work. This is letting down a sizable number of your customers who bought your lights/devices for HomeKit, especially. We are still waiting for a solution from you that actually works.

sorry,We have reported this problem to the relevant r&d personnel, and are investigating the problem and solving it. If you need to control the use now, we suggest you to use mijia APP first. We will follow up and solve the HomeKit problem as soon as possible.

I have the same problem.

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I have the same problem with Lightstrip Plus and iOS 15. Can’t add the Lightstrip to my Home APP.

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I’m also having this issue… I tried everything from reinstalling home app (homekit), both yeelight and mihome apps, I even downgraded my mihome app from an android device to activate LAN and nothing worked! i have 4 led bulbs (same model MJDP02YL), 2 purchased in 2019 and 2 just lask week, the ones not working are the one’s from last week :confused: everything is up to date from both the apps and bulbs, please help!!

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I have the exactly same problem!!

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Did you hear anything from your R&D engineere?

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Hello, we’d really appreciate if you can provide us update regarding our concerns. Thank you.

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Is there any update on this? Will we be able to get this bulb in homekit before 2022?

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It seems not. Don’t understand why finding a solution is so long. There are multiple thread here or in other forum about that issue. Since fews months ago.

Please handle the problem and propose a fix. Why should I prefer yeelight instead of competitors ?!
This story gonna end with Philips hue

Hello there,

I faced the same issue. Any news about the topic ? Is there any update of the app done by R&D department ?


Hi back, I just tried with the last Mi Home app update. The bulb added correctly to the HomeKit. Nice :slight_smile: !

Hope for you too

I am having exactly the same problem. can anyone support?