3 lightstrips go offline every day

I have 3 yeelight lightstrips and every day they go offline in Yeelight app and in Mihome app, so I need to physically reconnect them all the time (they never go back online automatically).

I also have many other yeelight bulbs, bedside lamp etc., and NOT having such “offline” problem with other devices. I tried to:

  • change internet provider to new one, more fast and stable
  • bought and installed new router (xiaomi ac2350)
  • tried LAN on/off settings
    but the problem stays and nothing changes. :frowning:

Please help me to solve this situation. My region is Malta. Xiaomi account ID 6257163859.

have you solved your problem?
I am experiencing exactly the same issue over here.

no idea what can be done to solve the issue …