Color bulb 1s turning on by itself at fixed timing

I have been using 2x color bulb 1s for a few years now and one of the bulbs I vaguely remembered once having a schedule on Yeelight or Google Home to turn the bulb on at 730am to wake me up. Since then, I’ve changed phones and reset the bulbs to add them to my new phone but only the bulb that once had a schedule keeps turning on at the same time every morning.

I have tried resetting just that problematic bulb at least 10 times but it still remembers this schedule even though I cannot find it on Yeelight app. I do not use mi home nor IFTT app. The bulb only doesn’t turn on when I don’t pair it to the Yeelight app

I am this close to smashing the bulb because it turns on every single day at the same time and I cannot figure out how to disable this. Please advise, much appreciated.