Yeelight GU10 W1 (Multi Color) - Cool White does not work

Hello everyone.

I just purchased 24 units of the Yeelight GU10 W1 (multi color) bulbs to put around my home. After installing 4 I noticed the cool white color does not turn on. This is obviously a huge issue.

I tried to reset the lights, they reset correct and went through the flow of colors. However after the flow what “should” happen is it should default to cool white. But the bulb looks like its off. As in no color is on. When I select any white color it just defaults to a bluish color. After enough trouble shooting its obvious that the “cool white” is not working on these bulbs.

Unless there is something special i dont know about, it has to be a manufacturing issue.

any help would be appreciated.

I would also like to point out that these bulbs are NOT bright at all.