Creating scene on Mi home app

Hi guys. I want to change all of my outdoor roof lights with yeelight GU10 bulbs. I want all the lights to have a schedule to turn on at 6pm in low brightness with specific colour and turn off at 11pm.

However if the motion sensor detect motion (during the period between 6pm an 11pm) to put the lights at white colour in highest brightness.

Than if no motion detected for two minutes to go back to the previous settings (colour with low brightness)

Is this possible at all on Mi home app or Yeelight app?


It should be doable from MiHome app. To turn on just make a time schedule to turn on with scene. Make 2 favorites, one for full brightness and one for low brightness. Then set full brightness scene when the motion is detected and after 2 minutes (no motion detected for 2 min) set low brightness scene.

Thanks for the reply dalanik. I am trying to create a scene, but on the lights option “brightness up/down” , switch colour" or “colour temperature” doesn’t have any option to actually change. I cant figure out how to adjust these options for the scene.

Any tips?

You should select “Turn on and set light”. up/down doesn’t do that, it just changes (cycles) brightness, color, temperature…

Sorry for the stupid question but I cant find an option on Mi app to safe favourite colour. Was thinking that this should be the option on automation “change colour” or “adjust brightness”.

If use the “lights control menu” (attachment 1 and 2) there is no option to save the colour as favourite. On the automation options (attachment 3) I can choose on/off but again cant figure out how to select the colour and brightness. Choosing the options doesn’t change anything. Or there is no further option of adjusting brightness/colour

OK, this is GU10 when I open it in MiHome app:

Turn on and set light, and this screen opens:

Where you can see your favorites…

My initial screen looks different

However I can see the favourite option on next screen, but I need to ungroup all lights as the option it’s not there when control them as a group.

It looks like I need to set up “favourite” colour individually for every light.

My screenshots are from MiHome app, where you make automations…

On Mi home app. But when I click on the light the screen that opens is the one I send. Different than yours. I see the same options only when start creating scene/ automation.

Well, exactly, you want to make automation when motion sensor detects motion, right? you make 2 automations for different time frames and assign to “turn on and set light” to different favorite scenes…

Think I’ve manage to create the automation
Thank you for your help dalanik!

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